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MOBILE PET GROOMING Welcomes You with Open Paws

Mobile Pet Grooming is a convenient, personalized, one-on-one stress free service for you and your pet. Your pet has the groomers undivided attention from start to finish, groomed in front of your home or office in our mobile grooming trailer.

•  Saves client travel time, car mileage, and gasoline expense

•  Your pet is never caged/crated

•  Your pet is hand dried, never cage/kennel dried.

•  Your pet can be back in your arms within 1-2 hours

•  There is no separation anxiety because your pet never leaves your property

•  No more transporting a dirty pet in your car

•  No distractions and/or loud noises from other pets and/or groomers

•  Ideal grooming choice for young pets and older or disabled pets

•  No worries that your pet will be exposed to other pets

•  Ask about our ‘key on file’ service. Your pet can have regularly scheduled appointments and you don't even have to be home

Proudly servicing the west valley since 1996!

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